a still from the visual performance.

album art.


waves like.

music single, live audio / visual performance, 2018
Ableton Live, Adobe After Effects, Resolume Arena


music performance by Jaewon Choi
written by Jaewon Choi

visual performance by Jinkyeong Song
filmed by Jinkyeong Song
VFX by Jinkyeong Song

album artwork designed by Jaewon Choi

was performed at 2018 Art & Technology Open House

'waves like.' is a first project of live audio / visual performance group, 'ODDODD.'

The music is a future bass / big beat piece, inspired by the motion of waves.

'waves like.'는 라이브 오디오 비주얼 퍼포먼스 그룹 'ODDODD'의 첫 프로젝트이다.

파도의 움직임에서 영감을 받은 퓨처 베이스 / 빅 비트 장르의 곡이 사용되었다.